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Women’s engineering colleges close, students prefer co-ed

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Women’s engineering colleges close, students prefer co-ed

Many of the women-only engineering colleges in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu are either being closed down or converted into co-educational institutions regardless of the funding they have been receiving from the government.

The number of such colleges in the state has dropped from 24 to 18 over the past five years.

It is believed that a drop in enrollment is the main reason for the colleges’ closing down, with 15 of them admitting that they have more than 100 vacant seats as admissions draw to a close.

Many of the colleges have not been able to admit even 100 students despite the 38,000 women seeking admission to engineering colleges in the state.

The women of the younger generation prefer co-ed institutions to women-only colleges as they hope to accustom themselves to working alongside men in order to enhance their career prospects.

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