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Venezuela to control food shopping with fingerprint readers

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Venezuela to control food shopping with fingerprint readers

Venezuelans are running to supermarkets to stock up on goods before a new system goes into effect that is aimed at tackling produce contraband by monitoring the purchase of basic products.

“We’ve already given the order to proceed with the establishment of a biometric system at all stores, distributors and retail chains in the republic,” said President Nicolas Maduro.

The new system seeks to prevent shoppers from buying the same product in excessive quantities and frequencies. The sanction pertains specifically to basic food products but may also include medicines, books, toys or alcohol in the future.

Venezuela is currently facing a food crisis due to a sharp drop in reserves – one-third in just one year — and the inflation that began two months ago has already exceeded 60 percent.

More than 30 percent of all goods circulating in Venezuela are being bought in excess and illegally smuggled out of the country, mainly to nearby countries such as Colombia.

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