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Parents can’t afford 2 more years of school for their kids

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Parents can't afford 2 more years of school for their kids

With the aim of improving the quality of education in the country, the Philippines has added two more years of basic schooling to its public education system. Antonio Trillanes IV, a Filipino senator, is now rising against the idea.

“If the problem is quality, why are we solving it on the quantity side?” Trillanes said, adding that the country’s quality of education had deteriorated due to a lack of classrooms, teachers and textbooks rather than time in school.

He urged the government to listen to parents throughout the country, inspect public high schools and consult with teachers in order to fix the “basics” first.

Trillanes said that many parents would not be able to pay for their children to go through two additional years of school.

He claimed that the number of school dropouts could increase significantly each year unless the government gives subsidies to poor students.

The Department of Education has responded by saying that while it respects the senator’s opinion, the program will stay in effect.

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