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North Korea: U.S.–South Korea military exercise is “war”

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North Korea says US-South Korea military exercise is "war"

North Korea’s Choson Peace National Committee has announced that the U.S.-South Korea joint forces must cancel their upcoming Ulchi-Freedom Guardian military exercise or else face dire consequences.

The Ulchi-Freedom Guardian is the world’s largest computerized command and control implementation, which mainly focuses on defending South Korea from a North Korean attack. The exercise is conducted every year in August or September.

“America and its puppet South Korea should be aware that we are willing to punish them for their evil attempt to start a war with the [Ulchi-Freedom Guardian],” read a report published by the North Korean committee.

“[The] Pentagon and the White House will not be spared from our high-tech precision missiles,” the report continued.

North Korean authorities say that the military exercise is tantamount to declaring war. The exercise, it has been announced, will focus on a specific strategy to cope with weapons of mass destruction.

A spokesperson for the North Korean government said that while South Korea was guilty of being actively engaged in nuclear war practices, “they never cease to blame us for our own self-defense.”

“This is absurd and intolerable,” the spokesperson added. “Our peacekeeping efforts and patience have reached its climax, yet there is no sign of sanity in the joint force of U.S.–South Korea.”

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