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Mysterious lake appears in Tunisian desert

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Mysterious, maybe dangerous lake appears in Tunisian desert

Gafsa Beach – a lake that suddenly appeared in the middle of an area known for droughts – has become Southern Tunisia’s newest attraction.

Some say that it is a miracle, while others are calling it a curse. The lake contains one million cubic meters of water per hectare of surface area. It is between 32 and 60 feet deep.

The lake was discovered by several shepherds three weeks ago, but its origins are still unknown. A local geologist believes that it came about as due to a seismic tremor creating a leak in the ground water table.

Two weeks after Gafsa Beach was discovered, authorities warned Tunisians that the lake was dangerous and not suitable for swimming in, but since there was no official ban on swimming in the lake, Tunisians continue to do so.

There is no security of any kind around the lake. Some believe that the water is radioactive or carcinogenic because the lake is located in a region with a lot of phosphate.

The lake water was clear at first, but it later became infested with green algae, meaning that the water is stagnant and conducive to diseases.

Despite warnings, more than 600 people have already swum in the lake.

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