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Pay for public transit pass or phone card with recycling

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Get free public transit pass or phone rebate for recycling

Residents of Beijing can use one of the city’s 34 newly installed recycling machines to trade empty bottles for phone card rebates or free public transit passes.

Those who choose the phone card rebate just need to type in their phone numbers or scan their cards and the rebate will be automatically applied.

The value of the rebate will correspond to the value of the type of bottle that was recycled. The machines are equipped with scanners to identify the material from which the recycled bottles are made.

At present, Beijing recycles 15,000 tons of bottles per year, which is equivalent to nine tons’ worth of reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

These numbers are expected to exponentially increase as a result of the new machines, some of which are located close to major tourist destinations such as the Temple of Heaven, where around 60,000 people pass by every day.

Recycling enthusiasts with no need for a free transit pass or a phone card rebate can simply recycle their bottles and leave.

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